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RULES!!! Empty
PostSubject: RULES!!!   RULES!!! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 08, 2006 6:26 pm

Here are the -=BOH=- forum RULES
1) No Swearing
2) No Racist Remarks Not Even In A Joke Or Picture
3) No Pornographic Pictures
4) No Spaming On Non Spam Topics
5) No Arguing With Admins There Word Is Final
5) No Treating Other Clan-members As Cheaters
6) No Double Posting
7) Visit The Forums As Often As Possible And Every Day Unless You Hvae A Good Reason Not To!!!

Follow these rules and you will be fine if you break them you get a warning the next tim you get banned!!!
Clan members get 2 warnings

Everyone is free to speak there own mind!
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